Don't say "you are welcome" when someone says thank you, instead say this •


The world has advanced and English has taken a replacement step also .

Effective communication skills are considerably important to posses as we get to affect people of various age grades and calibre’s. Also, it's nice to be creative and constructive while speaking publicly as most of the people tend to deal with others supported the impression they create while they speak. this is often why one must also harness much if not all spoken english expertise so as to not find yourself being disapproved or treated below your physical standards.

With regards to the present , common mistakes must be avoided and as polishing one’s spoken english cares , amends must even be made to a couple of but simple mistakes which are however, the utilization of outdated compliments. There are a couple of statements which are used often and sometimes which are gradually becoming obsolete and archaic.

Do not say: “You are welcome”

Say instead: ” No problem”, ” Anytime”, “No worries”, ” Don’t mention”, “glad to help”, “it was nothing”

Do not say: ” I’m older than you”

Instead: ” I’m older than you are”

Do not say: ” I’m taller than you”

Instead say: I’m taller than you are”

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