Latest News: Govt Offices, Banks Can Open From Monday

The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has announced that government offices and banks can resume operations from Monday the 4th of May.

This follows the approval of a phased easing of the lockdown in Lagos, Ogun and therefore the Federal Capital Territory, by President Muhammadu Buhari, to permit for the restoration of socio-economic activities.

However, there would be a 6:00 am to 8:00 pm curfew to manage the movement of individuals .

Giving a breakdown of how the easing of the lockdown are going to be implemented, the National Coordinator of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Aliyu Sani, during Wednesday’s briefing, said all government offices and banks can resume operations from Monday.

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“For government offices, staff are going to be allowed to resume from the 4th of May but it'll be supported specific grade levels and specific days, in order that we will reduce the quantity of congestion that we'd have within the offices,” he said.
For financial institutions like banks, the PTF coordinator noted that they're going to be allowed to open but only between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm, while also ensuring that staff and customers adhere to the hygiene and social distancing measures.
Aliyu stressed that the easing of the lockdown is really just a shift from one set of interventions to a different .

“The most vital thing i would like to stress is, albeit we mention easing the lockdown, in actual fact, we aren't really easing, we are just shifting from one set of interventions to a different because we are really still faraway from controlling this epidemic,” he said.

For general movements outside the curfew periods, the PTF coordinator said: “people may leave for work, to shop for necessary food and for exercise but we strongly advise persons to limit themselves to their government areas apart from people who sleep in metropolitan areas”.
Interstate travel, consistent with him, are going to be restricted to only those involved within the supply chain and services like goods, agricultural products, petroleum products, courier services and relief items etc.

On the opposite hand, for intrastate movement, services and businesses were advised to supply hand sanitizers for patrons .
The general public was also advised to imbibe the utilization of face masks and other hygiene measures.

On the difficulty of mass gatherings, Aliyu said there shall be no gatherings of quite 20 persons anywhere per time so on ensure adherence to physical distancing.
For the manufacturing sector, “we encourage shift work for manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies and limiting staff to only 30-50% to take care of physical distancing and pharmacy shops may remain open overnight,” he said.

Restaurants are asked not hospitable the general public but are going to be allowed to interact in home deliveries of food items.
While partial operations are going to be allowed for the above sectors, academic institutions were, however, advised to stay closed until further evaluation is completed

“Schools are encouraged to continue with e-learning and virtual teaching”, the PTF coordinator added.

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