Sports: THE TRUTHS: 4 Ways Jose Mourinho Will Change The Fortunes Of Arsenal

chips are down at Man United.

For Arsenal, it will only be a matter of time before Mourinho attracts top players if named as the new manager.

After he signed for Man United, the club legends were optimistic & Dwight Yoke said Mourinho will attract big players and he sure did despite no Champions League football.

Mourinho will undoubtedly bring success back to Arsenal and his stature in the football world means there is much more optimism surrounding the club than there will be under Unai Emery.


Mourinho loves playing mind games, and it's all part of his game plans.

When studying sports science at the Technical University of Lisbon, Jose Mourinho was taught by Prof. Manuel Sergio, learning that football is not just about what happens on the pitch, but it’s also about the psychology behind it, the emotions of players, the morale of the team, how the manager motivates his players, etc.

For Arsenal, they need someone that will be the fear factor symbol to club and manage the lackluster attitudes of the players, like nothing is at stake.

For Jose, he demands absolute loyalty from his players and Arsenal needs a driver like this. His man-management tactics are harsh and that has given him results at clubs he has managed.


José Mourinho is one of the most successful managers ever but has divided opinion ever since his extraordinary Champions League success with Porto in 2003. Despite his controversial ways, the point is, everywhere Mourinho goes, he wins trophies.

It’s no longer news the trophies he has won and how he won it but for Arsenal, they seriously at the mercy to drag out of the shackles of ridicule.

He puts a huge emphasis on psychology and uses it daily. Even though his man-management techniques are occasionally questionable and his methods only have short-term rewards, Mourinho will bring trophies to the table.

Arsenal fans, get ready for the SPECIAL ONE!!!