BIGupdate: Cash Redemption Now Available

In another exciting update, you can now redeem points for cash through the BIG app. There’s a specific way in which this redemption works, so we’ve broken down all the pertinent information into an easy guide. First off, there are a few rules and requirements that need to be met before you can cash out.

Redemption Rules & Requirements:
You must have a minimum of 2,100 points or $21.00
You must have a verified U.S. phone number
You must have a U.S. PayPal account
You can only redeem once every 30 days
You can only redeem 25% of your total points
You must be a BIG user for 30 days before you can redeem
Here’s how the process should look in the app. Once you’ve met the above requirements and have a grasp of the rules, you should be good to go.
How to Redeem:

From your wallet, click Redeem Points
Confirm your PayPal account and read the Terms & Conditions
Choose your redemption amount
Enter the email address associated with your PayPal account
Submit the transaction
It’s as simple as that! Getting compensated for your data is now a reality, and that’s certainly a cause for celebration. Open up the app to get started!
Have questions? See our FAQ or reach out at
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