Staff Of “TRINITY COLLEGE OFADA” Cry Out Over Incessant Deaths, Read Full Story

Staff Of “TRINITY COLLEGE OFADA” Cry Out Over Incessant Deaths, Read Full Story

Some staff members of ‘TRINITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, OFADA‘ have cried out over situation in the college where staffers die incessantly from fear and persecution.

A staff of the college who wants to remain anonymous confirmed that both staff and students of the college live in constant fear, which cause incessant death in the school. Only week ago, the staff added, “one of our colleagues collapsed and died.“

The latest victim was a young teacher. His name is Mr. V. Adewunmi. He taught FINE ART amongst other subjects “He just slumped and died.” The staff said, sobbing, “This year alone,” continued the staff, “three staffers have died in the college.“

An ex – staff of the school who claimed he was sacked without any justifiable reason attributed the incessant Deaths at TRINITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE to fear and persecution, “Both students and staff live in constant fear,” the former staff said.

“Things are a bit easier for the students as most of them can complain to their parents but there’s no help for the staff,” said another staff who also prefer to be anonymous adding that “we are supposed to be a Christian community, but the management forced us to tell lies to protect the reputation of the college.“
As the cry for help and justice rise, it has attracted the attention of the media, blogs and sites in a bit to end the cruelty and persecution of staff and students of TRINITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE.

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