Leak: Pretty 18-year-old Lady Blows Hot After Her Nud3 Pictures Were Leaked Online (Photo)

A young model has been embroiled in a scandal after her nude pictures where leaked on the internet.

According to media reports, Miss Personality Zim Schools 2018 and current peoples Choice Miss Summer Harare model based in Zimbabwe, 18-year-old Fadzai Wayne Gonono, said that she’s deeply scarred by the unfortunate incident which was far from what she had intended.

” I do not like it, It hurts and it’s disgusting. It was not my intention to have those pictures all over social media. Nobody wants her nude pictures to go viral, no one in her right senses would want that and I don’t want,” said Fadzai.

The model reveal the name of the person who leaked the nude photographs or the person’s motives, choosing only to mention that it was her classmate. She also refused to name her school.

” I took nude photographs of myself and forgot to delete them. When I went to school I charged my mobile phone using my classmate’s laptop. He got access to my file because my phone doesn’t have a password and copied my pictures. He then shared them,” said Fadzai.

Gonono also added that she was certain that her classmate was the one who had leaked her nude photographs since she was not in the business of sending people photographs of herself naked.

” I don’t send nude pictures to anyone and that is my number one priority. One can take pictures of herself and its not a crime especially when it’s your privacy,” she said.