Emotional: A Letter To My Future Wife: I Want To Keep You Happy Forever

A Letter To My Future Wife: I Want To Keep You Happy Forever

My dear future wife,
I hope you are reading this, and if you aren’t then I wish you stumble upon this letter because I want you to know a few things…

I can’t stop thinking about you and the time when we will be together. I want this letter to be the evidence of a promise to become the man of your dreams!

I may not be aware about the difficulties and responsibilities that will come after our marriage but I promise to handle them as wisely as I can.

I have seen many couples in my life and all of them worked as a source of education and now I vow to do the following things in the best way possible:

Your smile will be my priority. Your happiness will be my concern.
All that I will want from myself will be the capability to keep you happy forever.

My love for you will multiply each day and will increase every second.
I promise to look at you with same adoration till my last breath!

That sparkle in your eyes that  you get when you are motivated, excited, inspired or about to kiss me, I will keep that ignited forever.

I promise to keep you entertained and not to make your life monotonous.
We will try different hobbies, things of our interest, etc. and keep this adventurous ride on.

I promise to be your friend, a friend with whom you can be free.
Free to express your wants and desires. You can discuss anything with me, and together we will laugh at our silly past.

I promise to motivate you. You don’t have to stop thinking about your dreams.
Because I want you to live your dreams.

I promise to kiss you the same way we kiss the first time.
That passion will last till eternity.

I promise to help you with the chores. I promise to cook for you.
Because I know that you will feel special if I do that.

I promise to take care of our children. They won’t be your responsibility alone!
You alone don’t have to give up sleep. I will be there by your side to take care of them.

I promise to love your family as much as you love them, and  try to be there for them.
I know how important they are for you. I will never try to make you forget them. Rather, I will become a part of your family.

I won’t be anything without you and I will make you feel how important you are for me and my life.
My life will be of no meaning without you and I will make sure you know this.

I promise not to take your independence — physically, intellectually, or emotionally.
You don’t have to give up your personal space for anything. That personal time will be all yours.

Darling, these are not just my thoughts but actual promises from my side. I don’t know when we will be together
but I know that I will try to make each moment of your life beautiful and worth remembering. I will become the man of your dreams. I promise to love you from the moment you enter my life till my last breath.

Your loving future husband.