Shocking! Mother Poses Naked On A Toilet At 40 Weeks of Pregnancy To Show The “Challenging” Reality Faced By Pregnant Women [Photos]

A mother grabbed the attention of social media users by posing semi-nude at 40 weeks of pregnancy in a bid to share the "challenging" reality of motherhood.

Clemmie Telford, a mother-of-three from London, shared the photo in which she was sitting on her toilet wearing just a pair of panties. The photo was taken three days to the birth of her third child, a girl who has now been born and named Greta.

The photo sparked a storm when it was first posted, and it is now trending again after it was shared by online magazine Selfish Mother. Selfish Mother said they made Clemmie their front cover for this week because her photo is "So strong, empowering & the perfect celebration of motherhood in all its glory".

Explaining her reason for sharing the image, Clemmie told the Sun that she wanted to expose "the vulnerability and anxiety that comes hand-in-hand with the final days of pregnancy". Clemmie also spoke of her wish to help raise a generation of children who are comfortable in their own skin.

Reflecting on motherhood and how it has changed her physical appearance, Clemmie added: "Above all I have learned to respect my body. It grew and birthed three humans, two of them at home with no pain relief. That’s pretty awesome."

The photo was met with positive responses. Fellow mums praised Clemmie for her bravery in showing what pregnancy really looks like.

Clemmie also shared a side-by-side photo of herself and Kylie Jenner one month after childbirth and said it is unrealistic for a mother's tummy to snap back as fast as Kylie's after only 1 month.

She wrote:

One monthhhh! Greta is 4 weeks old! And this is where I am at. No thong. No flat stomach. No freshly blow-dried mane. @kyliejenner looks great but it just ain’t realistic for most of us. In fact i’m almost certain the Granny Pants + post-partum paunch are here to stay for the foreseeable.?????
Clemmie hit headlines last year when she shared a candid post-pregnancy bikini snap online, with the caption:

My bod isn't perfect and I can't even pretend it'd be better if I exercised more, because I already work-out quite a bit.

But I'm trying to be ok with it even when it's curvier, wobblier and paler than i'd like, because THIS is what real women look like.

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