By Ikuemonisan Bababo

Yesterday, 1st of May was my birthday. I am so fortunate to be blessed by really dotting people who made it their priority to be part of my happiness. Many sent text messages. Some used my pictures as their official whatsapp DP. Other didn’t hesitate calling. Guess what? I was wowed by many a call.

But, two of the callers, actually caught me unaware. Their calls, sent shock through my spine. The next moment, my heart was precipitating as though acid was pouring at a high velocity and before I realized it I was becharmed by their extremely beautiful, sooth and sonorous voices enthusiastically singing the age-long and soul-lifting happy birthday song into my hearing.

Simultaneously, tears were burning down my eyes as I was screaming on the phone “Hey darling, stop it!  I said. ”

In the actual sense, I was crying not because something terrible happened to me. But because, on one of the happiest days of my life… some people, somewhere, somehow sees my happiness as their priority by taking time to make me know special happiness.

I was so overwhelmed that the first three minutes after they had dropped those calls. I couldn’t continue my scriptwriting for the day. I had solemnly slide into a sober reflection as regard Nigerians, Buhari and the importance of the 2019 Election in the political history of Nigeria.

However, one can’t help but imagine the tears spilling through the eyes of Nigerians across all works of life since the mantle of leadership fell on Muhammadu Buhari’s shoulders. This thought lingered in my heart that I was immensely overwhelmed to the point of shedding tears. I felt terribly sad for the families of the victims of Benue killing and the Adamawa explosion.

I am more saddened that until date Boko Haram heinous sniffing of the breath of innocent citizens is yet to cease. I am disappointed in the fact that rather than taking responsibilities for the lives of her own citizens, the Nigerian government is untouched by the horrendous numbers of innocent blood spilled on our geographical terrain which reared it ugly heads in nepotism, and narrow outlook on the part our leaders.

In spite of this enormous difficulties faced by this current administration, it is therefore surprising that President Muhamadu Buhari seeking re-election come 2019. This has lucidly inscribes that he is a paranoid lunatic divorce from current realities.

The president and his rapidly shrinking horde of supporters are doing everything to ensure he emerges come 2019 even though they aren’t sure of any specific achievement.

One can gladly say that president Muhammadu Buhari is a monumental failure and a complete disaster but only trying to shy away from defeating hard truth. Ever since his emergence in 2015, Buhari has made ridicule of the noble citizens of this darling country by making Nigerians pass through brute unhappiness, and has failed to heal the country’s institutional afflictions.

The Buhari led APC government has failed in all its promises made prior to the 2015 election, but has succeeded in blaming all the problems, woes, groans, hunger and hardship it has created on the previous administration. Thus, they have successfully proven that they are not only ill prepared for the tasking job of governance, but are also moribund, who parade themselves as technocrats. Hence, it would be more disastrous for Nigeria and Nigerians if Buhari led APC is re-elected in 2019.

I am very much aware of the sentiment of Buhari goons and orchestrated supporters preaching his emergence come 2019 and the fear of Nigerians who are advocating that it is better to re-elect SAY BABA come 2019 than returning to the thieving PDP that held the rein of power for 16 years yet the only thing they contributed to the country was institutionalization of corruption. I equally share the sentiment of the youth championing the course for a young Nigerian president in 2019 yet how beautiful and realizable this seems, it appears feeble when matters such as resource, trust-ability, national mechanism/structure, wholehearted-support, and readiness of the old cargoes to relinquish power.

How important these are. There are more important reasons why President Muhammadu Buhari led APC government do not deserve re-election come 2019.

First, JOBLESSNESS: While many contend that Buhari has not really achieved anything since he came on board as President. Buhari has created for himself a laudable achievement in creating more joblessness in the country than creating jobs.

When compared to other foreign counterparts e.g. President Donald Trump of America. Not only is President Muhammadu Buhari older than President Donald Trump, in a comparison between them on an elementary matter like jobs. We find that according to the latest US job report from the United States Department of Labor, the US economy has added more than 1,074,000 jobs under President Trump while according to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, the Nigerian economy has lost over 10 million jobs since President Buhari came on board.

They promised 720,000 jobs by the 36 states in the federation per annum (20,000 per state) yet has created unemployment. This apparently shows that, Buhari-led APC government lack the capacity to gainfully employ youths. If re-elected in 2019. This might graduate from bad to worse.

Second, BUHARI’S HEALTH: sometimes last year, President Muhammadu Buhari battled serious health related issue that necessitated him to be flown to London for medical attention. While receiving treatment in London, the president was directing the affairs of the over 160 million Nigerians from his sick bed in London. The entire country was ran at this time like a blind man empire with no active statesmen to take the mantle of leadership. There were serious socioeconomic and political problems that brought hardship on Nigerians.

Instead of taking the bull by the horn, Nigerians were told to pray for the president.  Indeed, Nigerians prayed. God answered and the president health was restored. But ever since, the president doesn’t appear like a serious man who can depend essentially on his cerebral capacity and capability.

Neither can he further handle the tasking job of governance for a second term. Baba is growing old, older and weak every day. His age seems to be telling on him. This explains why at any important function as soon as his old eyes gets dim or he mistakenly lift his eyes off the papers. He fumbles by saying nonsenses.

Moreover, Baba needs to go back to Daura to his children and grandchildren for adequate health care.  Nigerians should not give him another opportunity to squander our collective wealth on medical treatment abroad. His health wellbeing should not be sacrifice for a country where he lacks the cerebral ability, tacts and intelligence to pilot.

He might be worse if re-elected in 2019. Nigeria and Nigerians needs a healthy, prime intelligent, vigorous, an unprecedented, young and visionary leader with a profundity of energy, enthusiasm, and empathy running in his veins and one who would carry himself confidently and who would harness both human and natural resources for the development of the country.

Third, LIES AND PROPAGANDA: No Nigerian government parades lies, and runs on propaganda like the current Buhari-led APC Government. The government appears to be so blessed with skillful liars and propagandists ranging from Liar Muhammad to Garba Shehu. Who are highly gifted in spinning fact to defend their incapability and obvious failure in statecraft. It is natural that wealth, power and friendship built on lies or government whose bedrock is founded on propaganda hardly last.

Little wonder while the APC government runs a clueless government of criminal technocrats and confusion. They actually promised to fight corruption, but they are themselves a coalition of unrepentant political criminals who under previous administrations stole our collective wealth and impoverished the citizenry. Hmm, Who is fooling who?. They promised to revamp our economy but inflicted economic hardship on Nigerians. Provision of allowances to the discharged but unemployed Youth Corps members for Twelve (12) months remain ubiguitous. While skills and entrepreneurial development programme are in jeopardy. Obviously, with the army of graduates transversing the length and breadth of the country for job, it is crystal clear Buhari and his APC government are unserious minded follows, parading lies and propaganda. We should expect nothing short of lies from them in 2019 if re-elected. Hence, we must say NO to the disastrous APC come 2019.

Fourth, INJUSTICE AND UNFAIRNESS: What more is expected of a government that runs on lies and propaganda?  Such government doesn’t only end up as corrupt, but under it watch, the collective good are ferociously smothered by disruptive and selfish considerations.

Consequently, justice, freedom, equality, dignity and other human rights are sacrificed on the altar of Shame. Suffice to say that, this government rather than fighting corruption, it embarks on inimical witch-hunting of those who does not belong to it’s camp.

Rather than be fair to all sections of the country. Buhari led APC government places some above the others in matters of appointment, etc. If re-elected in 2019. They would be more bigotry, ethnic loyalty, sectionalism amongst their other corruptive practices.

Fifth, LACK VALUE FOR HUMAN LIVES: During the Goodluck Jonathan Led PDP government I had opined then that with the unleashing of terror by Boko Haram on the Northern part of the country and killing of innocent citizens and the government’s inability to curb the situation, that the lives of Nigerians are not worth more than that of flies at a butcher’s shop.

Truly, that government did all know best to fight Boko Haram even though it didn’t win the battle. Compared to that government, the Buhari-led APC Government with the recurring Boko Haram phenomena, the inhumane attacks of Fulani Herdmen and its indecisiveness; displayed, the government is grossly insensitive to the plights of the citizenry.

Buhari as the president of the country and the Chief Commander of the federal Armed Forces controls the Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, DSS, DIA etc instead of taking responsibilities for the lives of citizens and end the garrison killing ravaging some parts of the country.

The president resorted to the blame game. This plight did not stop the massacre but rather put Nigerians on a knife edge. For instance, on April 30, 2018 Buhari blamed Muammar Gaddafi for the spate of herdsmen killings but has however the new fabrics of intergroup relations amongst the people of Nigeria.

This indeed is the height of inhumanity. Nigerians in some parts of the country may burn to ashes. This government do not care for its lack values for human lives. Hence, does not deserve re-election in 2019.

Lastly, BUHARI’S CLEAN AND INCORRUPT IDENTITY: President Muhammadu Buhari is considered clean and incorrupt by his supporters. Against this backdrop, Buhari is an excessive baggage of lives and more corrupt than some Nigerian politicians put together.

If indeed, Buhari is clean and incorrupt can he tell us what happened to Petroleum Trust Fund? If truly Buhari is clean and incorrupt, how come all is children were trained abroad including the Jobless Yusuf, who has no known means of earning salary yet had accident on a #15 million power bike? What happened to the #2.9billion intercepted in Kampala Airport by Idi Amin of Uganda on board on Nigerian Airway plane? What’s the fate of the recovered looted funds? Can Buhari provide an explanation how the recovered looted funds has been utilized for the growth of the country? As a clean and incorrupt President why does he surround himself by criminals yet is bent on killing corruption.

As a president with no record of corruption has he ever provided to the Nigerian public the annually records of the expenditures of his government?

In conclusion therefore, inferring from the foregoing President Mahammadu Buhari’s led APC government irrespective of whatever argument put forward to market the president does not deserve re-election come 2019. Since coming on board in 2015, the president enjoy the best of public good will enough to fix the monumental mess in the country.

However, he chooses to fritter everything away. Thus, unfitting for re-election come 2019. I am aware that some astute supporters of Buhari’s led APC government are arguing that the rot in the Nigerian polity is so monumental.

Thus, would take more than four years to significantly change Nigeria’s course and move her in a positive direction. Of cause, the APCians always have excuse for every failure, every manifestation of mediocrity and cluelessness.

Please, go get your PVC. Nigerians have seen the worse and best of Buhari. Buhari must bow out. We must send him back to Daura. Nigerians can’t afford to sojourn another disastrous four years with Buhari Again. Let’s us try someone else.

If that person fails, we would try another until Nigeria is cured of all institutional afflictions. Groans, poverty, joblessness are no more and Nigeria would proudly stand tall in the comity of developed nations.

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