Tekno Is singer the biggest winner of 2016 as new Sony deal gets signed?

Tekno is the biggest winner of 2016 in Nigeria, and the new deal with Sony just adds extra gloss to it.
The video made its way to the internet to confirm what has already been reported. Tekno, one of Nigeria’s fastest rising talents have joined the growing list of Sony Music artistes.
The singing was done at the offices of management and consultancy outfit, Upfront and Personal, which is owned by industry mogul, Paul Okoye. Present in the room were Paul, Made Men Music Group CEO Ubi Franklin, and the man of the hour, Tekno Miles (Augustine Miles Okechukwu)
Tekno, all smiles, is signing the deal, as Paul hands him document after document, to append his signature and confirm what appears to him to be a sensible deal for his business. His happiness is palpable, he is almost bursting at the seams, as he feverishly pens the deal. He is signing onto a new path for his career.
Midway through the signing, he abandons his composure, momentarily abandons the business at hand, and celebrates to the camera.
“You already know baby, you already know…” He declares, and Paul responds “That’s it”.
Ubi Franklin, breaks into a rare smile too, as Tekno’s moment of happiness is extended to everyone in the room.
“Big Mills baby, mills baby,” Tekno gestures and breaks into a little mime and dance. In the background, his latest single – ‘Diana’ – can be heard providing an apt soundtrack to the proceedings. The video which was release just over a month ago, is boasting of nearly 2 million views.
The new Sony deal is a function of his hard work, which has convinced the company that there is more potential for greater things with this artiste. Sony Music have been more aggressive on the continent in 2016, signing up artistes to various deals and mopping up the brightest stars on the continent via the offering of value.
“We’ve gone from a loss making start up to a break even type business, and now we’re working towards the real growth that we’re looking for. It’s only with this growth that we can reinvest back into the market”, Sony Music West Africa's CEO, Michael Ugwu told African Business Review.
The CEO says they are trying to build and export local talents likeWizkid to the rest of the world as opposed to already established international acts like Beyonce.
“We wanna be in a situation where we’re actually taking talent from Africa, actually trying to create a global contemporary Afropop Superstar. I think we’re at that age where we have that possibility,” he says.
It’s been a great year for Tekno. Where he started off as an artiste who was under pressure to replicate the success of 2015, he is ending it with two certified hits, a MAMA award, millions in the bank. A rising profile as a star artiste on the continent, and now, a deal with gigantic music company, which would make him more accessible and bankable as an artiste looking to hit new heights.
That’s a lot for a young man, who was releasing his first official single just four years ago. Where he has shown consistent pop growth in the music scene, this year, all of his ahrdwork has paid off, granting him wins in ever department. Show me another artiste who has had more wins this year in Nigeria. None.
Tekno is the biggest winner of 2016 in Nigeria, and the new deal with Sony just adds extra gloss to it.