Soyinka "Go back to school," Nobel laureate tells critics over statement

Soyinka"Go back to school," Nobel laureate tells critics over statement

Wole Soyinka has hit back hard at his critics after he threatened to tear his U.S residency permit saying they should return to school.

Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka has lashed out on his critics and Nigerians who have taken to the internet to troll over his vow to destroy his U.S. residency permit should Donald Trump emerge President.

In a report by The Cable, Soyinka said his critics should return to school as they are merely displaying crass ignorance.
In his words: "Let me end with a Red Card to those noisome creatures, the nattering nit-wits of internet: Maybe Trumpland is not as despicable as the Naijaland you impose on our reality from your secure cesspits of anonymity.
"Go back to school. Your problem is ignorance, ignorance of whatever subject you so readily comment upon. Learn to study your subject before opening up on issues beyond your grasp.
"Sometimes you make one feel like swapping one green card for another, out of embarrassment for occupying the same national space as you. But don't get nervous or jumping too soon - The Nigerian passport is just as tough to rip, physically, as is the Green Card," he said.
Soyinka threatened to shred his U.S residency permit if Donald Trump emerged winner of the the November 9, 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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