Sharia Law Reps deny passage of controversial bill

Sharia LawReps deny passage of controversial bill

The House of Reps says it has a bill that seeks to amend the criminal aspect of the Sharia Law.

The House of Representatives has denied the passage of  the Sharia bill into law.

Reps spokesman, Abdulrazak Namdas, stated this while reacting to media reports that the House had passed the bill despite several debates against it.
Namdas noted that the House only has a bill that seeks to amend the criminal aspect of the Sharia Law by first amending the constitution, which was referred to the Constitution Amendment Committee
His words: “I want to make a clarification on Shariah law. We don’t have any bill in the House called Shariah Law bill. What we have is that somebody made a proposal to amend the constitution to further allow an amendment of the criminal aspect of the Shariah Law, which was referred to the special ad-hoc committee to amend the constitution.
“The bill seeks to amend certain parts of the Shariah legal system. But if the committee decides that the bill isn’t worth it, it ends there. But even if it gets back to the floor of the House, we’ll have to discuss it.
“So, no such bill was passed by the House. We should be guided please. It’s wrong to say we have done something that we haven’t done.”
Meanwhile, the House of Reps has directed the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to go after the brains behind the Ponzi scheme, MMM Nigeria.

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