Queen Elizabeth English Monarch celebrate 69th wedding anniversary

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William celebrate the 69th year of their matrimony on November 20, 2016.

The Queen of England and her husband have now been married for just a year less than 70. Who says love doesn't last anymore?

Having been married since 1947 when the bride was only
21 and the groom, 26, the couple show just how true, cozy and personal love can be as they choose to celebrate with each other, and invite maybe just a very few number of friends.
However, no grand celebrations to mark the occasion this year, according to Inquisitr.

Who knows, maybe next year when their marriage reaches the 70-year mark, we'll see them pull the stops and let out out all the fanfare!
Queen Elizabeth, 90, and Prince William, 95, have always enjoyed a special relationship, and according to Royal Central, the pair’s solitary celebration is symbolic of the strength they gain from each other.
As expected of people of their position in the society, the royal couple are simply exemplary and from this side of the globe, we at TORYPOT  wish them nothing but more love in each other's arms.
Happy anniversary to Queen Elizabeth and Prince William.

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