Psquare "May your bond never ever break again" Lola Omotayo to stars

Lola Omotayo doesn't want the famous twins to split again as she wishes them a happy birthday.

It's Peter and Paul Okoye, Psquare's birthday today, November 18, 2016, and Lola Omotayo can't stop gushing.
                               Peter and Paul Okoye as a baby (Instagram)
Omotayo, wife of Peter Okoye wrote, "To my favourite twins in the world @peterpsquare and @rudeboypsquare here is wishing you both a very Happy Birthday. I wish you both a lifetime of immense joy, double the blessings double the love and double the success.
May your bond never ever break again in Jesus Name. May you continue to love one another unconditionally and support each other fully. I love you guys, your children love you guys, your family, friends, fans and frenemies love you guys incredibly as well.
Keep up the good work and always remember to consult God first in all that you both do. Una be ONE no be two! Have a wonderful day today as we celebrate you om this great day. We gonna have double the fun!"

Anita Okoye, wife of Paul also had this to say, "Happy birthday to my super duper Ejima @rudeboypsquare & @peterpsquare . I wish you God's protection, long life, divine favour, wisdom and understanding.
No harm shall come near you, May the good lord protect you from all harm, wicked tongues and false associations. We love you for being such beautiful souls, amazing fathers and husbands and for always caring for friends and family. Happy birthday Peter and Paul."

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