MTV EMA 2016 Wizkid gets stripped of 'Best Africa Act' title

MTV EMA 2016Wizkid gets stripped of 'Best Africa Act' title

In a surprise twist of events, the Starboy has been made to forfeit the award to Tanzanian singer Alikiba.

Starboy Wizkid's Best Africa Act at the MTV EMA 2016 has been stripped of the title in a recent twist of events.

The award has been given to the Sony Music Entertainment Africa signed artist out of East Afrca and Tanzania - Alikiba.
MTV EMA has issued an official statement saying:
"MTV congratulates Alikiba who has won Best African Act at the 2016 MTV EMAs.
The news was revealed November 10 after the incorrect results for Best African Act were posted late Sunday night November 6 due to an error.
Six Worldwide Act winners, including Wizkid, were selected by an international committee of MTV executives to recognize current artists who are rising to have a wider Geographic appeal beyond their local region. The winners were chosen based off a range of  criteria including international MTV video play, radio airplay, streams and sales across multiple territories and regions.
The winner of Best African Act was selected by fans via votes on
An MTV spokesperson commented, "Both Wizkid and Alikiba are great artists and deserving winners at the MTV EMAS and we congratulate them wholeheartedly on their achievements.
We apologise foe any confusion we have caused but we are pleased to recognize the achievements of both these artists on  this global platform."
Commented Alikiba, "Thanks to MTV for this huge honour  It's very exciting to be recognized  at the MTV EMAs and I am delighted to bring home the award to my fans in Tanzania and East Africa. Thank you to my family and management."

The pair of Wizkid and Alikiba have before now been reportedly involved together in a dispute at a "Mombasa Rocks" concert  headlined by American R&B superstar singer Chris Brown in Kenya over who would perform as the last act on stage.

Alikiba was reported in that concert as saying though Wizkid is a biiger music brand across Africa, he was more popular in Kenya and so would perform after Wizkid.

The issue of Alikiba being the rightful winner was supported by the Tanzanian fans who made their opinions well known.
The award that was subject to public voters became a subject of discuss after votes showed Alikiba was leading but the organisers gave Wizkid  the award during the ceremony held in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Wizkid has since deleted all posts on social media regarding him as winner of the award.

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