Love and Science Long relationships negatively affect women's sex-drive, research shows

Being in a long-term relationship dampens a woman’s sex drive, new research has shown.

Women who have been with a man for seven years or more see their sex drive reduce while the single ones in that same duration maintain the same level of libido.

According to a study involving about 2,173 women, which was jointly conducted by University of Turku and Abo Akademi University in Finland, sex drive of women somehow decrease over time when they are with the same partner.

The study, published Psychology Medicine, tries to understand female sexual desire, satisfaction and frequency of orgasms over a period of seven years, and also tries to understand the role played by their relationship status in these things.
The most baffling outcome of this research is that long-term relationships tend to have a negative impact on the way women desire sex.

While the desire for sex reduces, the ability to achieve orgasm remains the same.
So, while it might be worrying that you will not be very eager to have sex regularly, you can be sure that whenever you feel up to it, you can still enjoy sexual activity to the fullest.