Jidenna- Singer shares his thoughts on Nigerian music

The singer believes Afrobeat music is gaining significant recognition across the world and is here for good.

Jidenna sits down with CNN to express his views on the global  impact of the Nigerian and African music scene

The singer revealed he has a collaboration with Wizkid in the works and  hopes to collaborate with other Nigerian artistes like Davido, Tiwa Savage, and Flavour in the future.
He believes Nigeria is leading the movement in terms of exporting African music to the rest of the world.

"I think it's Nigeria's moment, it's Africa's moment," he told CNN. "I think Nigeria is a spearhead because Nigerians seem to be charged full of character so people are eating it up all across the world."
He tells CNN that his new album "Long Live The Chief"  experimented with the Afrobeat sound and contained African pidgin language, showing the influence of his Nigerian roots.
"I wanted to see [if] in the US, I can get a song on the radio that actually has pidgin in it? And I did it," the Grammy Award nominee said.
"That's the beautiful thing... [my album] you can dance and shoki to it, in the larger context my album blends the different worlds that I've lived in" he added.

According to the rapper and singer, the proverbs he grew up with helps shape the lyrics in his songs.
"I have all these proverbs stored in my head," he said. "My friends always laugh because they're like you're always trying to preach and teach something to us."
"I grew up with all these proverbs and I have to share it, I think it's the values and principles that makes my Nigerian identity a part of me stand out."