InIndia Husband bites off wife's nose over expensive dowry [Graphic Photos]

InIndiaHusband bites off wife's nose over expensive dowry [Graphic Photos]

Young wife gets part of her nose bitten off for refusing to pay husband's expensive dowry.

A 21-year-old woman has lost a portion of her nose to her violent husband for refusing to pay his expensive dowry.

The victim, Raj Kumari got married to her 23-year-old husband, Shiv Prasad, two years
ago but got separated in 2015 over his incessant demand for £1,800 and brand new motorbike as his dowry.
The victim moved back to her parent's house in Lakhimpur after the separation but was attacked by her husband on Tuesday, November 1, on her way to school.
According to the reports, Prasad ran to her, grabbed her and bit her nose after his attempts to take her back home with him, failed.
Shiv reportedly escaped from the scene before calling her family who rushed her to a Medical clinic where it was confirmed that she had lost a portion of her nose.
Prasad was later arrested later that same day by policemen from Gola Police Station.
He explained that he attacked Kumari because of her dressing to school and because she continued to refuse to return home with him.