Indie View Lagos Outdoor cinema calls for short films

Indie View LagosOutdoor cinema calls for short films

Indie View gives filmmakers a platform for them to screen their films to the public for free

Indie View Lagos is calling for short film submissions by African Filmmakers for its 10th edition.

The organisers shared on their Facebook page that all films must be less than 30 minutes.
Films must be shorter than 30
minutes and submitted before the 25th of the month in a high definition format (500mb or less); NO internet downloads (wetransfer,dobox etc); and the filmmaker must be present at the screening to field questions from the audience," they posted.
Several notable filmmakers have previously held screenings of their projects at the event which has been held at Freedom Park, Lagos since its inception.

 Some of the films shown at Indie View include TV director/producer Tope Oshin’s “Ireti”, actor/director Udoka Oyeka’s “Living Funeral”, “Copy” by Kanso Ogbolu and“Badt Guy” by Ese Ovuereye.

This month’s edition comes up on November 27, 2016.

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