For Women 6 types of men should avoid falling in love with

If he is stingy, unreliable, has low self esteem and lacks passion for anything, you should even consider dating him.

No matter how pressed you are to get into a relationship, you owe yourself the duty and responsibility to look very closely before you leap into one.

Regardless of how patient and considerate you are, your life will be a lot better if you avoid entering into a relationship with the guys listed below

Dishonest guy

What's love without trust? If you detect any shadiness or discover a lie from a man while you are yet to begin the relationship, that could be a big, big sign that he is a dishonest man.
You don't need that kind of man in your life.

Low self esteem guy

When a man suffers from low self esteem, he has too many things about himself that he hates, and this affects the way he sees himself, and ultimately affects the way he relates with you.
You do not need a man who always feels the need to put you down, just to make himself feel good.

Mr. Stingy

This is an absolute no-no and every woman deserves to be far, far away from such man.

The unambitious

While you might see no problem in dating a man who is not yet the complete package, you should think twice about dating a man who goes through life without a definite plan.
If a man is supposed to 'be in charge' but actually has no plan in place, it'll affect not just his life, but your relationship, too.
"Where do you see yourself in 1 year," you ask, but he does not know.
"How about in six months?" He does not know either.

Unreliable man

A man who is never there for you does not deserve you.
What is the point of being in a relationship who never shows up, or shows up when he is no longer needed?
You want to be with a man you can rest on, someone you can lean on in your most trying times and rejoice with in your times of triumph.

Man with no passion

As much as you might hate a man who is overly passionate about his job at your expense, the truth is that he is way better than one who has absolutely nothing that drives him.
Find you a man with a passion, something that makes him burn... because a man that has no passion can not make you better; and that is exactly what you need - a man who inspires and helps you to be better in every every way.