For Women 4 lies you don't have to tell to impress a guy

These lies are common to women, but you really do not have to use them at all.

Honesty is a human trait that is appreciated everywhere in the world.

Be it in a business dealing, in social circles or in a relationship, no one appreciates dishonesty.
Understandably, people lie to get financial advantage, escape punishment, or to feel cool.

None of these reasons justifies the act of lying and no matter how tempted you are, you shouldn't lie for any of the reasons listed above, and neither should you lie to get someone's attention, or to get them to like you.
Anyone who's going to like you will do so because of who you are and what you stand for, so there's no need to change or stop being yourself.
If that is genuinely true, there is no problem.
But if you are faking that and telling a guy just so he can think you are cooler than you really are, then you are highly mistaken.
Women having more female friends has never been a bad idea and will never be a bad idea.
No need to lie about the gender of your closest friends just to impress a guy.

I don't mind friendship with benefits

So you like a guy so much but he says he is not ready for a relationship, but doesn't mind a situation where you both stay friends, and enjoy casual sex.
You are extremely bothered by sex without emotions and commitment, and you know deep down that you are incapable of it, but you lie and tell him it's fine.
The amount of heartache this will fetch you will be limitless.
You are much better skipping the lie and letting him go. Not every loss is a loss.

I'm not that sensitive, really

You know a certain amount of guys who not like overly sensitive women, and your crush says the same thing.
"I actually do not appreciate women with too much emotion. it scares me," he says.
So you respond with something about being one of the most aloof women God ever created when you know that you are nothing but a big bag of mushiness.
If you both somehow get together in a relationship, how long do you think it's going to take before your oversensitiveness shines through and pisses him off?

I really like football

Do not tell this lie. You'll be playing yourself if you do.

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