Don Jazzy Producer is one step closer to 'Bae'

Don JazzyProducer is one step closer to 'Bae'

Don Jazzy jokes about meeting his Bae after sharing photos of himself with producer, Stargate.

Don Jazzy who is currently teaming up with American producer, Stargate, seems to believe that he is one step closer to his 'Bae'.

The Mavin boss has never made
secret of the fact that he has a massive crush on Rihanna and seeing as Stargate produced most of her hits, he is sure he could be meeting her soon.
Sharing photos of himself in the studio with Stargate, Don Jazzy joked, who is currently in LA teamed up with Record producer, Stargate.
"Stargate produced most of Rihanna's hits. i'm one step closer to Bae."
With the inroads Don Jazzy has been making in the international music scene, we believe it's just a matter of time before he gets to meet his bae.

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