Chidinma Singer is signed to Flavour's '2nite Music Group', video shows

ChidinmaSinger is signed to Flavour's '2nite Music Group', video shows

Following her exit from Capital Hill Music group, Miss Kedike seems to have found new home in Mr N'abania's label.

As shown in the video for her new  song release 'Falen in love', Chidinma has signed on to Flavour's 2Nite Music Group.

This is in association with 40fied Music company, an outfit newly floated by her.
Chidinma left Capital Hills Music in 2016, a label co-owned by video director Clarence Peters and rapper illbliss she signed a recording, management and publishing deal with  in 2011.
During the five year period, Chidinma did not release any album, rather she entertained fans with many singles. According to sources, Chidinma decided to move on after her contract tenure expired.
Her contract expired. Her contract was supposed to have expired in February, and Chidinma has gotten to a point where she can work independently” the source said.
She has grown, she has matured, so she needs to take her career in a direction of her own. It is only normal that she would want to do that,” the source added.
Chidinma rose to stardom in 2010 after winning the third season of MTN Project Fame West Africa. Following the release of the music video for her ‘Emi ni baller’ single, she became the first female musician to peak at number 1 on the MTV Base Official Naija Top 10 chart.
It remains unclear for now the nature of her affiliation with Flavour’s 2nite music, even as she also has her 40Fied Music company up and running.

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