Charly Boy Entertainer wants corruption made a treasonable crime

Charly BoyEntertainer wants corruption made a treasonable crime

Charly Boy has urged that corruption be made a treasonable offence with a death penalty.

Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy has urged the government to make corruption a treasonable offence.

The entertainer who has never minced words when it comes to corruption, made the call, on Thursday, November 10, at a news conference put together by the “Occupy Unlimited” group, a civil society group that advocates good governance and corruption-free society, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.
Charly Boy, who is the National Coordinator of the group, said that corruption would be tackled more effectively and efficiently if it is made a treasonable offence.

He said, “corrupt leadership has been killing  ordinary Nigerians slowly and steadily over the years.
“It is time to properly define it as ‘murder in disguise’, and treat as treasonable offence against our dear country.
“Over 180 million people are surviving at the mercy of few politicians who have mastered the art of creating division among her own people through religion, ethnicity, corruption, and frivolous issues.”
Charly Boy added that the death penalty should be introduced for all politically-corrupt persons in Nigeria if the nation is to be freed from the economic hardship it is facing.
The social activist noted that countries such as China and Pakistan were striving better because of their decision to tackle corruption as a crime that deserved capital punishment.
NAN reports that he advised that the immunity clause in the Nigerian constitution be reviewed.
Charly Boy further explained that the Occupy Unlimited Group will be staging a peaceful protest on November 15 in the Federal Capital Territory against corruption.

He also emphasised that the protest was to remind political leaders at all levels that they must be accountable and selfless in their service to the country.
“This is a process of holding politicians accountable not only to their promises but in their service to the Nigerian nation.
“The mass protest will begin at the Unity Fountain in Abuja down to the National Assembly.
“We are a coalition of ordinary Nigerians from different parts of the country, with no political affiliations; we believe in the interest of our country.
“We also believe strongly in the fight against corruption by President Muhammadu Buhari.”

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