Boko Haram Photos show "bomb" dropped near Shoprite Mall in Abuja

Boko HaramPhotos show "bomb" dropped near Shoprite Mall in Abuja

It was reported that some Boko Haram terrorists had allegedly dropped a bomb near Shoprite Mall at Jabi.

Residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja woke up on Thursday, November 10, 2016, to a rather disturbing news. It was reported that some suspected Boko Haram terrorists had dropped a bomb near Shoprite Mall at Jabi.

Rumourmongers immediately began to say that Boko Haramterrorists had bombed Jabi Lake Mall, the building which houses several stores including Shoprite.
When Pulse correspondent arrived the mall, the area was calm, with people going about their normal businesses.
But Police officers at a bridge few steps from the mall where the bomb was said to have been dropped were agitated.
"It was God that saved our lives here today," said a police officer who craved anonymity.
"We saw bomb at this particular spot. This one is not that somebody told me, I saw it with my two naked eyes," the Police officer added.
Just as the police officer was narrating his experience, officials of the FCT Water Board arrived the scene to carry out an inspection of one of the Water Reader Devices they had installed at the same location on Wednesday night.
What the security personnel had 'mistaken' for a bomb was a device used by the Water Board to measure the volume of water been consumed by residents of the area.
"We planted the device here and one other location in Jabi. It is a water meter reader, not an explosive device," said an official of the FCT Water Board
"We planted the device to measure the volume of water been consumed by residents in the area. The same device was planted last night within Jabi for the same purpose.
Some overzealous police officers who just came and pick the device and took it to their office," he added.
But the police officer insisted that it was a bomb which had been dropped by some suspected Boko Haram terrorists.
"It was a bomb, forget what these Water Board people are saying. Our EOD (Explosive Ordinance Device) department have come to evaluate the device," the officer maintained.
Officials of the Water Board led our reporter to another location where a similar device had been installed.
Whatever the case, there was no bomb blast in Abuja today and the Police remain your trusted friend.

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