Adele Singer to wed in December 2016, simple ceremony expected

Adele's proposed wedding to Simon Konecki seems closer than ever now; and we hear it's not going to be a big affair.

Just few weeks back, we wondered if Adele could actually be getting married before long.

It appears that is indeed going to be the case; Adele and Simon Konecki, 42, will be getting married pretty, pretty soon in a cozy ceremony come Christmas of 2016. Yay!

So, for everyone hoping for a grand wedding ceremony, the multiple Grammy award winner has chosen to do the exact opposite when the day arrives in Florida, USA. [Oops!]
Well, if all these reports we are seeing are true, the 28-year old singer wants a less showy wedding and plans to focus more on her close friends and family enjoying the day.
According to a source quoted by Heat magazine, "Adele would happily have a small ceremony, then dish out the bangers and mash afterwards.
"She's not tight - she's happy to pay for everyone to have a great day - she just doesn't want it to be stuffy."
So there you have it. She intends to keep it simple with just a little caveat here and there.
Haha! So this is where it gets interesting. The 'Hello' singer does not really drink but according to the source, "there will be plenty of booze on tap for her guests to make sure they enjoy themselves."
And for all the talk of a "budget wedding," the singer is said to be keen on splashing the cash on a wedding dress. [Way to go, girl!]
"She's promised Simon she won't go full on Bridezilla, but she wants to get the right frock for her big day," says the insider.