Adele Singer about to walk down the aisle with long-term boo?

AdeleSinger about to walk down the aisle with long-term boo?

Adele [our favourite soul singer] might just be about to wed, according to a source close to her.

It appears that Adele, is about to give us the feels once again.

Not with a song this time, but by doing the ultimate act of romance - getting married!
Super-amazing news, yeah

After the singer’s beau made a beautiful, grand gesture on their anniversary this year while she was on tour -- he surprised her on-stage with thousands of hand-written notes in the form of confetti – it has become even clear that this nuptials might just be happening soon.
The source, a friend of the couple, told Mirror  that we might be seeing one of our favorite singers hitched soon.
"They've decided it's the right time to think about making that step. They won't make a big song and dance about it.
That's not the way either of them are, and you won't see Adele walking around with a huge diamond on her finger flaunting it.
But they're ready to take the next step and both [are] very excited about the prospect. Adele has had an amazing time on tour and is enjoying performing to fans — but she's looking forward to spending some quiet time at home with her family after ten months on the road."
To further lend credence to the belief that the singer might be wedding soon, she revealed to fans, shortly after  Simon surprised her with the beautiful anniversary gift, that they were trying to add baby number two to the family.
Adele and Simon already have a son, Angelo James Konecki, who is three years old.
While Adele hasn't confirmed or denied the reports yet, one wonders what she’d wear when the time comes to actually make that walk down the aisle -- white, or black? [Never take anything from her, that Adele]

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