Adekunle Gold 'Simi and I fought sometimes', singer reveals

Adekunle Gold'Simi and I fought sometimes', singer reveals

On the album "Gold" he discusses stories around it as well as the YBNL UK tour among other gists.

Adekunle Gold meets up with notjustokTV to discuss the debut album "Gold", and the YBNL tour in the UK.

The singer drops more insights on each track on the album, working with producers and Simi on some particular tracks on the album.
He notes that Simi mixed and mastered all the tracks on the album except 'Sade' which was mixed and mastered by Vtec.
"Simi is amazing, though we had times that we fought about some songs on the album like 'Nurse Alabere' I recorded the song like three times, recorded 'Fight for you' about three times," Adekunle explained, implying that Simi was pretty much a thorough perfectionist, and that was tiring for him, but is glad they went through that as it turned out to be great for the album.
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