About-to-wed 5 rules for selecting bridesmaids and groomsmen

When the time comes to choose your bridal party, here are five things you have to bear in mind.

Of course, the bride and groom are the two most important people at any wedding ceremony.

There are however, some other important persons too, that are needed to complete the jigsaw- bridesmaids and groomsmen.
The task of selecting these people might appear fairly easy to you; just lump together four fine girls and four handsome guys, right?

Well, that might not be the best way to go about selecting a bridal party.
The five steps below will guide you through a better approach.

Start with siblings

This one is actually a no-brainer.
If you have siblings who are of the appropriate age, you should absolutely start your selection from there.
That your young niece could be the flower-girl and that cute little cousin could be the ring-bearer.
The best man, chief bridesmaid, they could all be your relatives.
The advantage of this is to take away much of the awkwardness that would normally be between total strangers meeting each other for the first time.


Before extending an invitation to someone to be part of your bridal party, you want to be sure they are capable of fulfilling the financial obligation attached to the kind if wedding you want.

Consider personalities

In the instance where you do not have relatives to fill in these roles for you and you have to select strangers, you should think about the personalities of the people you are lumping together.

Since you are the one who knows them all, you surely know the lady that is always cranky, the guy who always persists in an annoying way for a lady’s phone number, etc.
You should consider the risk of personality clashes and potential disruption.

Choose reliable people

You need to be sure the people you are about to select are those who can be completely counted on to keep to time and do what is expected of them, no matter how little.

Think about feelings

How do you think Hauwa will feel for being left out of that huge wedding party?
How about Obinna, how will he feel for not making the list if 10 guys to stand by your side on your wedding day?
Consider the risk of people feeling bad for being left out, and choose accordingly.