6 Things every artiste can learn from Iyanya

As with every other profession, growth is also essential for every musician to flourish in his/her career.

Iyanya recently signed a recording deal with Don Jazzy’s imprint Mavin Records. His decision left many wondering why he would go from being a label boss to just an artiste.

The singer revealed to Pulse Nigeria today, November 2, 2016 he felt it was time for him to transition from his former position to one that enabled him focus on just making music.
Here are five career lessons we can all learn from the ‘Kukere’ singer’s recent move.

1. Be honest with yourself

It would have been easy for Iyanya to have lied to himself and said things were working when it wasn’t. Obviously the singer wanted more. He recently told Pulse he left his old label Made Men Music Group because he felt it was time.
As a creative soul, it is important for you to be honest with yourself. You can’t grow if you keep yourself inside a box. Don’t run away from your truth.

2. Don’t be afraid

In Nigeria, we’ve got something called the big-boy syndrome - most people want to be seen as wealthy and successful with a bad-a** title to match when in reality it's all a facade.

Iyanya was not afraid to leave the title of label boss behind. He did this in order to focus on his other positions as an artiste and a musician.

3. Collaboration is key

There’s a saying “No man is an Island”; it’s the same in music and in music business - you don’t have to do it all on your own.

 After working with Don Jazzy on his popular song ‘ Gift’, Iyanya and Jazzy recognized their music chemistry and they their collaborations eventually lead to a signing.

4. Work with a great team

Mavin Record’s is one of the very few labels that knows their onions when it comes to the music business, artiste branding, development and promotion - so yes Iyanya made the right move.
The singer is also working with Temple Management Company, a talent management company in Nigeria.

5. Learn from your mistakes and don’t stop learning

Without any background in business, Iyanya began his record label, Made Men Music Group (Triple MG) with his friend and business partner Ubi Franklin. The singer learnt on the go and obviously knows more now than he did then.

6. Rebrand

Never ever be afraid to rebrand. His image is the same however his vibe is different. On his first single release under the Supreme Mavin Dynasty is all about serious business.  ‘Up to something’, draws from the singer’s past and looks towards his future. It's more or less a teaser for what's coming next, but it's clear a new Iyanya is here.

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