Charly Boy: Fellow Frustrated Nigerians

Charly Boy: Fellow Frustrated NigeriansWe do not need any referee to tell us that this is injury time.
Without reflection,
we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended, undesirable consequences, and failing to achieve anything meaningful. My guys, make we no die for nothing o! Wherever you are, be there totally., sitting on the fence is absolutely suicidal, many young people are committing suicide these days. Meanwhile, if you find your current situation intolerable, it makes you unhappy, frustrated and hopeless, you have three options:
1. Remove yourself from the situation, by running away from Naija, patapata.
2. Accept it totally, by waiting for hunger, hopelessness or let the uncertainty oftomorrow kill you because you will die before that your tomorrow comes. Or….
3. Change it by facing your fears headlong, deciding never again to be a victim of corrupt leadership.
We must choose now how we want to proceed and accept whatever consequences or die a slow, painful, and frustrating death; when we could have simply stood up to defend and fight for our stolen future.
It is very important to know that the government don’t even remember us. All governments are for themselves, their pockets and families.
For over 45 of our 56 years of independence, governments have shied away from their responsibilities.
Today, they rub it in our faces like we can’t do sh*t jack. It is clear that we have been abandoned. The Nigerian government has failed to respond to the basic need of its people, dem no send dem no care. The standard of living in Nigeria is rated one of the poorest in the world, the level of poverty is unimaginable; unemployment is out of control after wasting time to graduate from all our yeye universities. Kai!
Infrastructures have broken down, education is rendered useless, no hope of a future for our youths, who have been rendered redundant, useless and clueless.
Like my friend Obinna said and I agree with him, henceforth….
“Don’t ask for a Revolution; Be the Revolution. Forget about Buhari’s Change. Be the Change. Do not wail for that which is troubling this country; Fight to fix it and make the country great again. Do not hail the Corrupt and destroyers of our Dreams; Expose and ridicule them. The Politicians are Corruptly Connected; Criminally Bonded and Fearful of the MOB; The People. We must be audacious in our Demands; we must be Fearless in our Agitation and we must be ready to sacrifice our all for this Country.
I will take the First Bullet; let my body be the first to drop; Let my Blood be the first to wash our LANDS. But let no Nigeria turn back once we begin this Resistance to Political Insensitivity and mindless looting of our common wealth; Let no Nigerian Walk Alone…The Nigerian Politician is our Enemy; The Nigerian People are the Victim and it is time to channel our anger towards a Peaceful Revolution”.
We must stop being the victims and become the fear. If our yeye Leaders no fear us, change no go come.
Stay tuned for The Change.