HELP!! I Caught My Mum & My Best Friend In Our House Naked – Confused Torypotites Seek For Your Advice

We got this Story from one of our user here on Torypot. He narrated his story on how he caught his closest friend and his mum inside their house.

The Young man needs your Advice on how best to tackle this grave issue before he commits atrocities that might eventually land him in Jail because his intention towards his friend is bad.

Read the Story he sent to us below (Unedited):-

This Is indeed the most heart breaking scenerio that has ever happened to me in my life…

On a sunny Afternoon I was heading home from Ikorodu, imagine the mad traffic I have gone through already, So the frustration level was beyond the default settings.

I was actually so frustrated about the job interview I went for, the HRM Personnel was just doing anyhow. Maybe na Recession hit that one self.

But that’s not even the issue, The main Palava here is that when I got to Ajegunle (Where My House Is Situated, I stay with my Parent), I saw Augustine (My best friend) missed calls on my phone & but am not so boxed up to recharge my phone to call him back, so I kept the phone back in my pocket jejely.

On getting to my door step, I saw Augustine Slippers, I was confused with that since he doesn’t come to my house whenever am not around, So I just thought he came when I was not picking up his calls, maybe for something urgent I thought.

So I barged into the Sitting room hoping to hail my friends in a razz way (Guy’s thing), but he was not there.. I barged into one of the room looking for my friend but what I saw was shocking scene that almost make me cripple instantly.

It was My Mum and Augustine (My best friend)Naked On the Bed. I was speechless, motionless, confused and totally lost. I stand still and was shaking uncontrollably.

I was actually looking at them till augustine got his way out of the room. I waited for more than 2mins while my mum buried are head looking like a Ram hit by a speeding trailer.

I summoned courage and I left the room, carried my bag from the sitting room and I headed to a friend’s house just to get myself back to normal because our house was already making me sick within that short period of time.

As I type this Mail, Am very very confused and don’t know what to do.. I need your candid 

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