Member Of A Robbery Gang Nabbed In Lagos

Lagos police have arrested a suspected member of a robbery gang, who specialized in drugging victims before stealing their cash and valuables.
During the interrogation, the suspect Ifeanyi Chizoba confessed that he had used the means on over 100 victims, including traders and commercial sex workers.
Chizoba said that at the weekend he went to a shop in Festac town in the company of his gang member, one Aloysius. He blew a powdery substance wrapped in a handkerchief into the air, which put the shop owner to sleep. After that, the two-man robbery gang found a safe and looted it.
However, while they were carrying one of the machines in the shop, the shop owner woke up and raised alarm, which attracted local residents. Aloysius managed to escape, while Chizoba was almost lynched by furious local people. Luckily, a team of police officers from Festac Division arrived in time and apprehended the thief.
In a recent interview with Vanguard, the 29-year-old suspect from Anambra state disclosed that he had joined the gang in 2012.
“My friend Obi introduced me to it in 2012. Then, our targets were traders at Alaba International Market.
“We would buy sachets of Actifed and Lexotan tablets, grind them together and put them inside pure water, which we produced ourselves. We would then board a bus going to Alaba with the traders from Mile Two. Then, we would call a sachet water hawker, who, unknown to the traders, are members of our gang. We would buy a sachet and give the hawker N20, who would say he has no N10 to balance us.
“We would offer the trader beside us a sachet to make up for our balance. After drinking the water, the trader would fall asleep. We would then alight at Agboju bus-stop and carry the trader’s goods, pretending to be the real owners.”
Earlier this month, the gang of armed robbers that attacked two banks in ikirodu revealed the details of their crime and confessed that ‘million’ called him for the operation.

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